Sanitation Services

Effective July 1, 2019, Ecotech Waste Logistics will begin serving your trash, recycling, and yard waste needs. Our company is privately held and locally owned and we have been in business for twenty years. We are fortunate to serve tens of thousands of residential customers throughout Kentuckiana. We will begin delivering our trash and recycling containers the week of June 24th. You will receive one 96 gallon trash container and one 64 gallon recycling container. If you require one additional container please contact customer service at 502-935-1130 to order. Delivery for any additional container will be within 2 weeks after the initial deliveries.

Regular Garbage Pick-up: Every Monday

Yard Waster Pick up: Every Monday

Recycling Pick-up: Every other Monday (current schedule is July 8st and every other Monday thereafter)

Holidays: Ecotech observes New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day. All services will be collected one day late during a holiday week. for example, if the holiday is observed on Monday the collection is pushed back one day to Tuesday.

Trash: All trash should be placed in the Ecotech 96 gallon cart. It is highly recommended to bag all trash. If an overflow of trash is generated please bag trash and place next to your cart. The maximum weight limit is 50 lbs. The following items are not acceptable: Dirt, concrete, construction material, drywall, studs, fencing, landscape timbers, large doors, windows, sinks, cabinets, swing sets, exercise equipment, patio doors, gas cans/tanks, propane tanks, oxygen tanks, and tires. NO FLUIDS OF ANY KIND ARE ACCEPTABLE including paint thinners, pesticides, and oils. No Biomedical waste hazards including needles, and chemo products.

Bulky Junk Items: You are allowed one bulk item per week to be picked up. This includes items such as washers, couches, tables, chairs, and mattresses and box springs – which need to be completely wrapped in plastic prior to collection. Refrigerators and air conditioners must have the Freon removed by a certified technician and properly tagged prior to collection. Construction, demolition, and remodeling materials are not acceptable. Two annual "junk day" pick-ups will be held, one in May and a second in October. You must telephone Ecotech customer service at 502-935-1130 to schedule a bulk pickup, preferably one week in advance.

Yard Waste: All twigs, branches, and shrubs must be 6' in diameter or less in diameter and no more than 4' in length. All yard waste bundles, bags, and containers must weigh 50 lbs. or less. Unacceptable materials include loose dirt, sod, tree stumps, complete trees that are removed, fencing, landscape timbers, and decking.

Recycling: Current materials accepted include plastics #1 thru #7, milk jugs, aluminum cans, tin cans, unbroken clear and brown glass, paper & cardboard (anything that tears such as brochures, pamphlets, posters, newspapers, inserts, magazines, cereal boxes)